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Puerto Viejo Soccer Team Gets it together for the 2008 Season

Category: sports
Posted by: Alaine

Soccer Guys On BeachA group of young men from Puerto Viejo have started up a fútbol (or soccer) team ready to compete the 2008 soccer season in Talamanca. They need community support.


Look for Canti or Milton to pass by your business in search of financial support for Puerto Viejo’s soccer team. ATEC is supporting the team with help with their accounting—helping them manage donations which will cover costs of transportation, equipment and other needs. We will keep a transparent record of who donates what and where the money is going. They will compete regionally with weekly games all over the zone from Manzanillo, to Bambú, to Cocles. Each Wednesday the team captains meet to decide where they will play the game for that week—weather permitting on Sundays. We’ll try to post the locations on our calendar. It’s gonna be a fun team to watch, they have some real stars!

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