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Reforestation Bridges the Gap for Talamanca's Monkeys

Category: Help Out
Posted by: Alaine
Puttin up the monkey bridge

Monkey Bridges!? Yup. But it's not just about building a bridge over the road so critters can cross safely, it's about re-building fragmented forests so the monkeys can feed and migrate.

The Monkey Bridge Project is looking for folks in Talamanca with a bit of property they'd like to reforest and looking for folks who would like to sponsor the reforestation. Swing by ATEC on the 8th or MiraFlores Lodge in Playa Chiquita anytime and donate what you can in exchange for a few almendro trees. We're looking for land-owners who want trees planted on their property and who will let the volunteers of the Monkey Bridge Project come in to study and observe the monkeys over a period of time. Please write to Stacy of the Monkey Bridge Project at:,

Or Pamela at MiraFlores Lodge at: or to Stacy of the Monkey Bridge Project, (or Click on Monkey Bridge on the www.mirafloreslodge site)
Or Alaine at if you want to have some people come plant trees on your land or if you want to help sponsor the project.

We're planning to make this a long term partnership working to keep Talamanca Green.

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