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Clean Ocean Big Water Paddle Board Race

Category: Marina
Posted by: Alaine

WeworriedaboutthewaveThe COVIRENAS (Committee for Community Vigilance of Natural Resources) of Puerto Viejo-Cocles and the Corona del Mar Surf Club are sponsoring an event intended to spark open discussion about the proposed marina in Puerto Viejo. The plan is a kayak or longboard race beginning from in front of the lifeguard tower in Cocles, traveling across the area of the sea where the proposed marina may be, ditching your boat or board by the famous barge in front Buen Precio Pulperia and sprinting on the beach for the last 50 meters to the events stage on Black Beach--by Pan Dulce road which ends the area the marina is proposed to encompass. The event will start in late morning with music on Cocles Beach and surf contests. The organizers are looking for folks to support the event by donating conservation-minded prizes for the winners of different categories for the race. Everyone from people with serious sea legs to land-lovers are welcome to participate. Boat-less folks are invited to bike the route to show your support. Sign up the morning of the race on Cocles Beach. For more information about the competition write to

or call 876 2830


To get involved with the committee that's respectfully working to bring the municipal government and Marina investors to town to provide details to the community about the plan for the marina please call don Guido at 756 8165 or write to or swing by ATEC to get a version of the expediente.

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