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Surf Contest Puerto Viejo 2008

Category: surf
Posted by: Alaine

“The waves was really perfect; it was a blessing this tournament!” said Beto, the primary organizer of the this, the first surf tournament of 2008 on Cocles Beach (also know as Beach Break.) The beach was full of onlookers enjoying a cold beer and home-made “rundown” and surfers living it up on this ideal day to catch a wave. Gilbert Brown took second place to Ronald Brown's first place. “Ramon” from France won the open category.

The next surf contest in Puerto Viejo is expected in about three or four months. Lots of work and bodies are needed to organize an event like this; you can support the surfing community and this contest by contacting Beto at
or 885-9688. 

As the commemorative T-shirts from the event reads:
"Jah bless, no one curse!"

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