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Eco-Hints Calendar 2008

Category: ATEC-Non-profit Ecotourism
Posted by: Alaine

ADELA, the Bio-Fuel Coope, and ATEC have worked to produce this informative calendar for 2008. Support these three non-profits by picking up a calendar or two at ATEC (between the cultural center and ferritería in Puerto Viejo). A $10 donation is greatly appreciated but donations of $3 (1,500 colones) are also gratefully accepted. This bi-lingual (tri-lingual with a little BriBri) calendar provides:

  • A monthly environmental theme
  • Weekly advice on how to be kinder to the planet
  • Tico and Gringo Holidays
  • Moon phases
  • Detailed information about the non-profit associations in Talamanca working to protect the environment and other local contact info.
  • A great picture which will serve as a poster after the end of 2008, featuring the life zones and wildlife of Talamanca.

We hope that this is the first of many annual environmentally themed calendars.  Be a crazy conservationist; keep the calendar until 2036, 2066, and 2092 when the days and dates match again!

Other ATEC and community news--

We want to thank everyone who participated in this year's Holiday gift drive. Bags and bags of goodies and $685 was donated (thank you especially to JoJos Jungle Retreat, Lajeuness Sierra Club group, Future Green,, Jupi and Tino's Tours). $50 was used for transporting the treasures. The rest of the money will be used to buy school supplies for needy kids when school starts up again in February 2008 (have to wait 45 days for international checks to clear the bank.) The drive for school supplies is always in progress--see the list of required items in previous story. We'll get further details and photos published soon.

The Bridge (el Puente, has posted a new “job board” in front of the ATEC office. Need an employee? Post job positions for free.

ATEC's having an after Christmas sale--Support ATEC and get some Costa Rican art at half price!

The recycling truck is up and running again, thanks for your patience and support.

Check out updates on the ADELA website featuring new info on the bio-fuel coop. Or go to Many thanks to Ahki the selfless volunteer who did the updates.

ATEC now features 29 different activities in Talamanca. How long has it been since you've taken a guided hike with one of Manzanillo's fabulous guides. Ever gone up to Alta-Talamanca to visit the rural community of Yorkin? Spend a rainy afternoon in a Caribbean cooking course. Contact to get details.

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