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Welcome to the New Greencoast

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Posted by: noble, Talamanca’s oldest website offering advice to visitors to our lovely zone, has been modernized.

We've been around since 1990, and we’re very excited to announce our update. Now offering

  • Links to the Caribbean Coast’s responsible hotels: Hotels

  • A news site to keep you informed on what’s happening with conservation and development issues in the area: News

  • Information on activities and events in the zone: Activities

  • A complete list of the services available here: Local Services

  • A great links page on all the NGO’s and nonprofits here: NGO's and Non-Profits

The Greencoast network has always been focused on keeping the coast green by featuring only responsible and organic tourism endeavors. We are expanding this focus and will soon have available...

  • Offsetting your carbon footprint with donations going directly to protection and expansion of the rainforests of Talamanca

  • A complete list of advice on how to be a more responsible traveler

We are looking forward to your feedback. Please Contact Us.

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This page last modified 18 Jan, 2016

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