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25 Local Guides working for their Offical Licenses

Category: Help Out
Posted by: Alaine

Did you know that there are 25 local guides working their tails of to get official guide certification through the ICT.

They have made a great financial and time commitment to offer a great and professional service to those interested in the gorgeousness that is our Talamanca.

Look for them weekends at the entrance to Puerto Viejo asking for donations or stop into ATEC and share a bit to help this awesome group finance a field study they must complete to get the certification.

They are going to Guanacaste for a week and have to cover all costs--food, lodging, transport, park entrance fees, etc. They expect each one will need about $400. Any help you can offer is appreciated.

Why would you help? Talamanca is the most culturally and naturally rich part of Costa Rica. We want to encourage this type of visitor to this zone, those that are interested in culture and nature. Promoting that we have 25 local, highly experienced and trained, fun and charismatic guides in our canton will bring local business more clients. Another great way to be a great neighbor and a great supporter of this community! 

They are also giving back to the community by committing to a weekly Wednesday beach clean up!

Sabes que un grupo de 25 guias locales de Talamanca estan particpando en un curso para obtener su licencia de turismo de guia general de Costa Rica!

Ellos han invertido su tiempo, su dinero, su vida en este curso intensivo para ofrecer otro atractivo impresionante a nuestra linda Caribe.

Ellos estan pidiendo un aporte. Buscalos cada fin de semana en la entrada a Puerto Viejo pidiendo donaciones para financiar una gira didactica en Guanacaste, que se llama atencion y guiado de turismo. Ellos tienen que cubrir todos los gastos; transporte, comida, hospedaje, entradas a los parques, etc. Cada persona se necetia minimo de 200.000 colones. Tambien puede pasar donde ATEC para dejar su apoyo.

?Porque a usted le interesa apoyar este gran esfuerzo? Nuestra zona es la zona mas rica culturalmente y naturalmente de todo Costa Rica. Queremos atraer el tipo de turista que busca el verdadero Costa Rica. Con este grupo, professional, con mucha experiencia, divertidos, y carismaticos, podemos atraer mas clientes para los negocios locales y ofrecer una visita inolvidable para visitantes. Es otra buena oportunidad de ser un miembro importante en su comunidad!



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