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Recycling In Puerto Viejo and Talamanca

Category: General
Posted by: Alaine

People are asking again what we recycle in Talamanca, here's the list.

Things must be CLEAN! And dry, smushed when possible, and separated at least plastics w plastics.

Glass (all kinds, if broken please wrap in newspaper so no one gets cut

Plastics (containers, bottles, chairs, icecream, yogurt containers, bags from the grocery store and disposable plates and silverware  if they are clean)

Aluminum (please try to put these in a separate bag)

Plastic-Aluminum (like those shinny cookie and chip packaging, coffee bags, wine and milk boxes (Tetrabrik))

Paper and Cardboard!! Newspapers, magazine, PLEASE SEPARATE and Dry

Metal Cans-like tuna or beans, but MUST BE CLEAN AND SEPARATE

Contact the Biological Corridor in Hone Creek,

2756 8033, 2756 8136


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This page last modified 18 Jan, 2016

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