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Get invovled improving the Security in Puerto Viejo

Category: Help Out
Posted by: Alaine

The Puerto Viejo area has a super group of folks working on our community security committee. Between beach patrols, clear and transpartent communication on the facebook page (un CARIBE mas SEGURO), community meetings, and working together fixing up the police station, the group is super organized and the crime on our coast has gone Way Down!
Right now, this group of awesome community members are working closely with the police to help make the police station is a place to really service the public and help the police be more effective. They have worked together to build a new holding cell here in Puerto Viejo, and are starting on contruction of showers and eating area. With these improvements, the Puerto Viejo police station will officially be able to reports (denuncias) of crimes so that we don't have to go up to BriBri any more. This is Very Exciting news! But much help is needed. Cash donations are welcomed. Although they are hoping to do this project mostly through donated materials and labour (skilled carpenters, welders, plumbers and electricians, as well as general laborers, that are willing to donate their time), we may still have to buy some items and hire some specialized labour. Every little or giant donation helps. Cash can be can being given to Frank Leon at Cabinas los Almendras in Puerto Viejo for the renovation fund. If you have any extra construction materials in your bodega to contribute, contact that facebook page too, or write to Manuel Pinto to get involved and informed.

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