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Gran Evento Cultural in Amubri, Upper-Talamanca

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Posted by: Alaine

Come join in the "Gran Evento Cultural" in Amubri, 2011

On Saturday the 6 of August there is a community festival up in Amubri in upper Talamanca. To get there from Puerto Viejo, go 15 km to BriBri, then 15 km up to the village of Suretka, cross the river and take the bus into Amubri. It is your opportunity to participate in a community festival that few people get to experience.

It begins at 9AM with the inaugriation of the event.
All day there will be cultural presntations and activities for adults and children.
1PM the "Jalada de Piedra" or the "Hauling of the Rock" a facinating traditional BriBri activity which demonstrates what a group of people can accomplish when working together.
3 PM an open air concert with group called "SIBA" and ex-members of the groups called Hicsos y Alegrisimos.
8PM a big dance.

Sunday starts at
9AM w a soccer game, climbing a greased pole (yes, this is a cultural event go to Amubri and Learn!). Learn to make the thatched roof.

1 PM the band called "Nobe".
2 PM Live concenrt with "Pimienta Negra" band.
5PM. Election of the Queen of the festival. She is chosen for her involvment in cultural preservation, not just her beauty.

Please do contact 8769 2676 with Danillo Layan with questions or to lend a hand (They are looking for help to provide prizes for the queen and various other winners of competitions)

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