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Volunteer Opportunity at Talamancan School

Category: Participate
Posted by: Alaine
Volunteer Opportunity: The folks at the Carbon 1 School are working every Friday and Saturday morning to fix up their grade school. They will be replacing the cieling and painting the whole place. Give ATEC a call or just show up in your work clothes and lend a hand. The parent committee is also raising funds for the school renovation by selling food at the Sunday Soccer Games from 10AM to 3PM there in Carbon by the school. Go enjoy a game and support the school. Thanks to the Women Like Us Foundation from the USA and to Maritza Gaitan, the school's administrator, for working so hard to make a better educational opportunity for the kids in this remote school. Contact Laura if you want to lend a hand with this school project or if you have any other skills you want to put to use to empower folks in Talamanca: 2750 0398

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