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Muni Annouces Marina Meeting February 12

Category: Marina
Posted by: Alaine
The Municipal government (Muni) responded on the 22 of January to a letter signed by over 200 local residents asking them to hold a public audience in Puerto Viejo in order explain the proposed Marina project to the community. The muni will hold a the session about the "Marina New World" on Tuesday, February 12th at 10AM in the Casa Cultura in Puerto Viejo center. The community is welcome to attend and ask questions.
To get involved with the committee that's working to organize questions about the marina please call don Guido at 756 8165 or write to if you have information to share or swing by ATEC to get a version of the expediente.
(The picture is the Ol'aba Dance Group performing after the Paddleboard race that was held on Saturday the 26th to raise awareness about the concerns the community has about the marina project. The event was a great success with over 27 surfers paddling across the area of the proposed Marina. Team ATEC took first place in the Kayak division.)
First place in Kayak Division Team ATEC

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