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Fun Tours!

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Posted by: Alaine
GuidingThe folks at Banana Azul Lodge have long seen a need to offer economical, easy activities to entertain their guests, at the same time they have always been staunch supporters of responsible community tourism. So they and the Costa de Papito bungalows got together with ATEC--the Talamancan Association of Ecotourism and Conservation and have started "Puerto Viejo Fun Tours." This Saturday the 26th the maiden voyage of  the "Fun Tour" is scheduled with ATEC's most popular hike; the Manzanillo Gandoca Wildlife Refuge. If there's a critter to be seen in the Refuge the guides of the Manzanillo Guide Association will find it as they guide you through the Refuge's labyrinth of trails. Visitors will learn the historical and medicinal uses of typical plant life, check out the tropical birds and animals, birders bring your binoculars, these guys can identify a bird a mile away.
"Fun Tours" is planning to schedule a full week of activities. Each will include a trained local guide, transportation and a lot of fun. Look for Cahuita National Park to be the next on the schedule and soon we'll get off the beach and up to the mountains.

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