ATEC, the Talamancan Association of Ecotourism and Conservation, a self-sustaining non-profit working with various NGO’s, community groups, schools, and rural community ecotourism projects throughout Talamanca put together this list of suggested items to donate when you’re in the area. Might as well fill up that little bit of extra space in your luggage.

Safety issues:

Garden projects—we’re doing some small vegetable plots with various schools:

Painting projects—again, mostly at schools:


Education projects:

Click here for a list of shool supplies needed by each student.

Computers and Parts:

Art Projects

Books—In Spanish preferably:






— For buying trees to reforest

— To buy construction materials for schools, NGO’s

— To pay a construction manager to manage a volunteer project

— To buy school books and uniforms for low income families


Thanks very much for your consideration.