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Soda Miss Sam

Soda Miss Sam

Soda Miss Sam has been a part of the Puerto Viejo cuisine scene for seventeen years! In 2009 Miss Sam retired but wouldn’t sell her restaurant until she found someone who would carry on her tradition of Caribbean style cooking.  In July 2009, Glenda Miller took over management of Soda Miss Sam.  Not only is Glenda an amazing chef, she has also worked for ATEC for six years.


You can find Soda Miss Sam three blocks west of Tex Mex. Slightly off the beaten path, Glenda’s cooking is sure to be worth the stroll. Stop by and try the lobster with a rich Caribbean sauce, or a whole red snapper; just two of Glenda’s specialties.  If you’re just looking for a snack, we recommend the ginger cake and banana bread that is baked fresh daily.


Glenda Miller




Inside Soda Miss Sam's




Ale Batido, Ginger, Brown sugar and Lime blended with ice.



Chicken with Rice and beans served with salad and Spagetti.


Caribbean Soup with Chicken, beef and Vegetables.





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