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Wish List

ATEC, the Talamancan Association of Ecotourism and Conservation, a self-sustaining non-profit working with various NGO’s, community groups, schools, and rural community ecotourism projects throughout Talamanca put together this list of suggested items to donate when you’re in the area. Might as well fill up that little bit of extra space in your luggage.

Safety issues:

  • Reflectors for bicycles

  • Flashing light for back of bikes.

  • Safety vest

  • Flashlights

  • Reflector tape

  • Helmets for kids.

Garden projects—we’re doing some small vegetable plots with various schools:

  • Gardening tools

  • Clippers

  • Gloves

  • Hand shovels

Painting projects—again, mostly at schools:
  • Paint brushes

  • Rollers

  • Wire brushes for cleaning the surface before-hand


Education projects:

Click here for a list of shool supplies needed by each student.

  • School Uniforms

  • Note books

  • Kids picture books in English or Spanish.

  • Pencils/Pens

  • Art supplies

  • Computers or computer components (mouse, keyboard, Etc)

  • Color pencils

  • Chalk

  • Educational toys

  • Sports equipment

  • Rules--Metric,

  • All kinds of schools supplies for the teachers as well and the students

Computers and Parts:

  • RAM for old Computers—PC100 and PC 133

  • Any parts that still function

  • Printers & ink

  • Mice & Keyboards

  • Old Laptops

Art Projects

  • Carving tools (we do gourd carving here)

  • Paints

  • Artistic paint brushes

Books—In Spanish preferably:
  • DICTIONARIES -Spanish English

  • Any Kind of Resource Books

  • On Ecology or Wildlife

  • Kids Picture Books

  • Conservation

  • Climate Change

  • Education

  • Sustainable development

  • Tropical gardening

  • Story books—Español o English

  • Construction

  • Latin American history

  • Sex Education

  • Rubber boots

  • Shoes

  • Kids clothes

  • Clean used clothes

  • Umbrellas


  • Surf Boards

  • Skate Boards (there’s a new non-profit skate park)

  • Skate Boarding equipment

  • Soccer balls and equipment

  • Baseball equipment (it’s the national sport of Nicaragua, we have lots of Nica friends)

  • Binoculars



  • First aid kits. They are expensive and hard to find here.

  • We can get them here, but people really need regular treatments for flu, cold, cough, headache, body ache, toothache, body-aches, fever, diarrhea, cuts, infections, eye or ear infections, cramps, yeast infections, funguses, intestinal parasites, leishmaniasis.

  • Band-Aids, thermometers, blood pressure tester, cotton balls, vitamins, aspirins, etc.


— For buying trees to reforest

— To buy construction materials for schools, NGO’s

— To pay a construction manager to manage a volunteer project

— To buy school books and uniforms for low income families

  • Your time—we are working up some options for volunteering in Talamanca (check out or write ATEC at


Thanks very much for your consideration.

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This page last modified 18 Jan, 2016

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