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NGO's and Non-Profits

When eco-travelers hit the road, they want to help out the communities they are visiting. Supporting the responsible hotels listed on greencoast and participating in local community tours are important ways to economically encourage sustainable eco-tourism in the area. Here we offer you additional ways to help out...

Whether your passion is conservation, education, or wildlife, we can help you to help Talamanca. Check out this list of local NGO's and non-profit associations. Learning about organizations working in the place you are about to visit is a great thing. Offering time or financial support, an even greater thing!

The bank accounts are listed--even an $10 donation makes a big difference! Donations can be made tax-deductible (501C3) if over $250. Contact us at or go to the websites linked below for direct contact.

The follwoing are non-profit associations--we do list some government institutions just for your information. Make a deposit and 100% of your donation goes straight to your cause!



Acción de Lucha Anti-Petrolera
Action for the fight against Petrolium Exploitation
BNCR: "Asoc. Justicia para la Naturaleza"  100 02 000 605479-5

A donation to ADELA goes to help pay legal fees to help keep big oil out of Talamanca and Costa Rica.


Conservación de la Biodiversidad
Phone: 2756-8120  --506 is the country code for Costa Rica and should be marked before calling here.  BCR 12405709 or the USA bank account at First citizen's Bank, Franklin, SC 007671705954.   

A donation to ANAI goes to supporting the river bio-monitoring project and other projects to protect and reserach biodiversity in Talamanca. 


Asociación Talamanqueña de Ecoturismo y Conservación                  The Talamancan Association of Ecotourism and Conservation
Activities, internet café, local souvenirs, surly visitor information.
Phone: 2750 0191, 2750 0398 Puerto Viejo
BN200 02 001 001534-6  

A donation to ATEC can be funneled into any of the many emergency fund drives that are announced on, or to educational projects for locals and visitors, or to non-sexy things like helping us pay the bills to keep this association going. This association who represents over 100 local tours guides in Talamanca and participates in many of the other NGO's listed on this page. 


La Asocación del Corredor Biologico del Caribe y Talamanca, Protección de la biodiversidad                                                                     The Biological Corridor of Talamanca and the Caribbean                 Phone: 2756-8033, or 2253-8582   
BN:100 01 001 005008-7    

A donation to the Biological Corridor would go to support protection and restoration of forests to create migratory pathways for rainforest wildlife along with many other projects to protect biodiversity in Talamanca.     

CoopeTalamanca Sostenible

Para productos energéticos de fuentes renovables
Talamanca’s new Cooperative for the production and distribution of Biofuels.
Tel/Fax: 2755-0017  Click on "Coop"
BCR # 399-0000309-3      

A donation goes to the construction of a mini-plant to produce our biofuel from second generation farm waste. 


The Recycling Association of the South Caribbean

Phone: 2756 8181 or 8888 7167
BN 200 01 112 039124 -7 

A donation to ReciCaribe goes to pay salaries of local employees, diesel for the recycling turck and  community education on responsible conssumerism.



Asociación Escuela de Artes del Caribe   The Caribbean School for the Arts Association.  www.arteviva-puerto  BCR 399-0000205-4

A donation to EDACAS goes to finance art workshops for the elementary and high schools in the Puerto Viejo area.

Local Schools

There are more than 60 schools in Talamanca, you can contact ATEC (or most of these groups listed here) and we can get you the information on specific schools to make a donation directly to one of these very needy school. Yes, we have a 98% literacy rate in Costa Rica, but the schools need lots of help.


Centro de Educación y Nutrición en Puerto Viejo para niños.         Center for Education and Nutrición –like a Head Start program       Lurdes Arizaga 2750-0311
BN 100 01 112 0000101-1

A donation goes to maintain the educational center and purchase educational toys. 

Min-Rec Foundation      BCR 399-0000256-9

A donation goes to the construction of a cultural and commercial center for the sutainable social, artistic, and cultural development of Talamanca for the Caribbean in Puerto Viejo.    


Educational programs for kids, youth, and adults.
Contact Delfina Chang Wong: phone: 2750 0422
BN 01-112-3588-4  

A donation to Proniño goes to fixing up the educational center and sponsoring workshops and educational programs for kids, youth, and adults. 


Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary Penshsurst

2750 0775

La Ceiba y Asoc. Jaguar para Defensa de la Fauna

Private reserve and animal rehabilitation

Fundación Iguana Verde Playa Chiquita

Green Iguana Foundation
2750 0706

KèköLdi Reserva Indígena Hone Creek
BN 200-02-112-000594-6

A donation to KèköLdi goes to buy equipment for the bird banding project and to maintain the green iguana reproduction center.

Life Guards /Salvavidas de Playa Cocles

Do surfers count as wildlife?
Phone: 2750 0080/ 2750 0704

BN 000 599265-1  in the name of Edward Joseph Ryan

A donation goes to pay salaries of the life guards and supply fist aid equipment for Costa Rica's only community maintained life guard program.

Talamanca Dolphin Foundation
Phone: 2759 9115


Widecast, The Greater Caribbean Network of Sea Turtle Conservation.

BN 100 200 920600160-2

A donation goes to purchase equipment for sea turtle monitoring and protection.


Finca La Isla Botanical Garden

Black Beach   Phone: 2750 0046   

Jardín Escondido Pto Viejo

Tecnología Verde y Paneles Solares
Green technology and Demonstration of Solar Panales
Phone: 8340 8889

Growing Concern Plant Nursery and Medicinal Bush Body Oil

Playa Chiquita



Ministerio de Salud--The Health Ministry

Phone: BriBri 2751-0095
San José 2223 0333

Municipalidad de Talamanca

Talamanca's municipal government
Phone: 2751- 0023 or 2750-0137

Seguridad Comunitaria para Habitantes y Turistas de Puerto Viejo

Info: Luis Videla 2750-0002


Asoc. De Desarrollo Ecológico de Cocles Manzanillo Gandoca
The Ecologocial Development Association of Colces, Manzanillo, Gandoca
BAC SJ Cta Crte. Nº 904024106

CATUR   Cámara de Turismo Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo’s Tourism Board



Asociación de Campesinos Productores Orgánicos

The Campesino Association of Organic Producers
Hone Creek   

Phone: 8817 5848 o 2756-8170


Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Talamanca
The Association of Small Producors in Talamanca
Phone: 2751 0118


Tratamiento de agua contaminada
Water treatment soluctions.
Phone: 8384-6069, 2280-6338


organic soap



Costa Rican producer of pre-packed organic food and health products


Centro de Productividad Nacional


Payment for environmental services and more…
Phone: 2257-8475

President of Costa Rica

Oscar Arias Sánchez
Apartado Postal 520-2010
Zapote, San José, Costa Rica
Fax: 2253-1485

Take a carbon footprint test

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
Phone: 2257 0470

Tanque 10, Pavas, San José

Sewage and septic systems
Phone: 2291 1738

US citizens’ voter registration



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