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Greencoast is dedicated to ecotourism in Talamanca, Costa Rica. Included are some of the true pioneers of responsible, community oriented tourism. The combination of Afro Caribbean, Indigenous BriBri , and Latin peoples makes Talamanca Costa Rica's most ethnically diverse canton. To experience some of what these communities have to offer, the visitor should probably begin in the Puerto Viejo area.

The coastal South Caribbean communities of Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Punta Uva, Playa Chiquita, and Manzanillo are situated between the ocean's warm waters and coral reefs on the one side, and forest clad slopes on the other. Our micro-climate leads to a special ecology unique to Costa Rica.

Many visitors to Puerto Viejo come for the world class palm fringed beaches, largely bypassing Talamanca's fascinating forest and Indigenous areas. The beaches are as beautiful as ever, but the desire of our group is to make your visit more complete by giving you the opportunity to see and learn more while involving yourself more directly and on a personal basis with our community.

This website is your guide to responsible lodging, tours, activities and natural attractions, and the culture and history of Costa Rica's Talamanca region, put together by Talamanca Discovery, a group of people dedicated to ecotourism.


Talamanca is a privileged region. This county, on the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in province of Limón, has an extension of 2810 km2, which is 5% of the Costa Rican landmass. It is home the coastal communities of Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Punta Uva, Playa Chiquita, Manzanillo, and Cahuita which are situated between the ocean's warm waters and coral reefs on the one side and forest clad slopes on the other. Our geography creates our own special micro-climate leading to an ecology unique to Talamanca. Talamanca is a model of conservationism. Talamanca is the county (canton) in Costa Rica with the highest percentage of protected land; 88% of our beloved county is under protection! Along with several private reserves, we have the following government recognized protected areas:

- 55% in National Parks—Cahuita, ,Amistad, Chirripo, Hitoy Cerere

- 31% in Iindigenous Reserves—Kekoldi, Talamanca Bribri, Talamanca Cabecar, Telire

- 2% to Gandoca- Manzanillo Wild Life Refuge,

Another important characteristic of the area is the ecological diversity of various life zones: the coastal zone, the fertile valleys, and the mountainous zones where our magnificent rivers have their origins.

Also unique to our county, it is Costa Rica’s most ethnically diverse county. Our population is composed of Indigenous Bribri and Cabecar, as well as of Afro-Caribbean and Latin peoples, along with residents from (some say) over 40 different nations.

* Adapted from APPTA’s website—APPTA is the Talamancan Association of Small Organic Producers.

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