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Veronica's Place

Veronica's Place

Veronica Gordon and her husband Delory have played active roles in the Puerto Viejo community for many years. Veronica decided to take her passion for healthy cooking and open a restaurant four years ago. Today, Veronica’s Place is better than ever and located on the main street in Puerto Viejo, on the second floor in the building diagonally across the street from Old Harbor Super market.  Go upstairs and be welcomed by Veronica and a cozy environment to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner while overlooking the town. 

While you dine, feel free to ask Veronica anything about any health concerns that you may have while away from home. Special dietary requirements or food allergies? Just let Veronica know when you order and she will happily make you a tasty meal that will nourish your body.  Veronica can surely make you an herbal remedy tea to help with almost any type of issue from weight loss to stomach aches to increasing energy levels. Veronica also hosts a health food store right inside the restaurant and will happily share her advice with you.

Veronica uses a lot of soy meat when preparing meals, it is cooked so well in a delicious Caribbean sauce that some vegetarians might think that they are actually eating meat.  Veronica is also committed to using only the best local ingredients, many of which are grown on her farm. No matter what time of the day you go, there is sure to be something on the menu that can please even the pickiest carnivore. Veronica is also well known for her carambolla (starfruit) and ginger batidos. 

Veronica has been a vegetarian her whole life. She sees her restaurant as an extension of her missionary work before she sees it as a business.  Her ambition in life is to share her lifestyle and educate others while promoting health: physically, mentally and spiritually. If you are in need of any type of counseling while you are away from home or just need someone to talk to or moral support, just stop by the restaurant and Veronica will let you know the soonest time that she can speak with you.  All of the services that Veronica offers are available in both English and Spanish.

If you are intrigued by Veronica’s lifestyle and looking for a quite place to stay while you visit Puerto Viejo, Veronica also has cabinas for rent in town and on her farm. There is also a house available in San Jose that can be rented. To inquire or make a reservation email or call the restaurant.

Veronica is currently looking for a volunteer that specializes in business administration and marketing. With only a few hours of work a day and $150 a month, Veronica will provide a place to stay and home-cooked meals everyday. 

Veronica Gordon

Soy meat and Patacones served in a Caribbean sauce with salad and beans.

Some of the health suppliments that Veronica offers in her restaurant.

The sign outside of Veronica's Place

Veronica is well-known for her Ginger and Starfruit Batidos.


Dining upstairs at Verionica's Place offers a nice view of downtown Puerto Viejo.


Menu Artwork


The entrance into Veronica's Place.




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