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Here’s a list of Entertainment and Activities to do in the Puerto Viejo area. With some of them there are other options, we’re trying to list the places that are friendly to the community and the environment…Look for our eco-tips throughout the list.

ATEC is Talamanca’s only local non-profit provider of tours; they have certified locally guided wildlife walks, snorkeling, cultural excursions, guided bicycling, surf lessons, cooking classes, kayak adventures, and more. ATEC also has visitor information, nature/cultural/adventure/community tours, fax, email, water bottle refills, internet, local souvenirs, office & school supplies, nature books, cameras, batteries, etc


Recently (since 2001) businesses have opened offering motorized tourism experiences. We find these devices out of tune with the cultures of the zone and a threat to the environment as well as detracting tourist income from the local population. Often these operators do not have permission to enter into private property but do so boldly. We hope you feel the same and will not spend your travel money with them.


Jupi and Tino’s over by “el Chino” on the beach is local and responsible.

Snorkel equipment, boogie boards etc are available in lots of places.


Gallo’s Bike shop in front of Standford’s Disco is a locally owned bike rental and fix-it shop.

Philip has a bike rental call “Tuanis” on the way to Rockin’ Jays, about 6 blocks toward Manzanillo, good bikes and Philip is active in forest protection and in sustainable development. Plus, he offers a guarentee on his bikes!

There are many other places too.

Tip: Go early in the morning or even the night before to rent your bicycle. Drive defensively. There are lots of pot holes in the road, cars tend to try to drive around them and weave all over the road—bikers and pedestrians are often weavers too.


You can camp on the beach but it’s not secure. Ask families in Manzanillo if you can camp in their yard for a fee.

Are you an intense camper and hiker? Read about the Transcontinental Trek.

You can also pitch a tent or rent a tent at Rockin’Jay’s, about 7 blocks out of Puerto, it seems to be the party place.


There are about nine rural communities that offer lodges and activities away from the coast. Check out to learn about these experiences that get you away from the beach for a while and into an Indigenous or Campesino community.

Outside of Talamanca go to ACTUAR or


The Biological Corredor 2756 8033

Jardin Botanico Finca La Isla

Jardin Escondido up the street from Restaurante Elena’s.


ATEC can hook you up with Raul, a super guy who’s also the baseball coach or

Seahorse Stables 2750 0468 take good care of their horses.

Careful if gallop along the beach, you’ll frighten the sun bathers and don’t go on public walking trails, the heavy horse messes up the trail for the hikers and causes erosion.


The cool kids tell me it gets going about 11PM or midnight and goes to 2:30AM or so, then people mill around by Parquecito at the artesania stands or the fried chicken places. Maritizas starts much earlier and is for the maturer crowd.

  • Monday: Jhonny’s
  • Tuesday: Baba Yaga
  • Wednesday: Live Music at Maritza
  • Thursday: Jhonny’s
  • Friday: Jhonny’s
  • Saturday: Live Music at Maritza, Jhonny’s
  • Sunday: Live Music at Maritza, Baba Yaga
  • Stanford’s – has music every night
  • Parquecito a few nights a week
  • E-Z Times, sometimes
  • Loco Natural has a Caribbean band a few nights a week.


There’s a skate park “Concrete Jungle” about 6 blocks out of town on the way to Manzanillo run by an organization called “Alternative Missions”


During certain times of the year (usually August, September, October, March, April) there is good snorkeling in Punta Uva and Manzanillo and in Cahuita National Park. In the National Park you are required to have a guide (ask at the park or at ATEC). You can go by yourself in other places, you’ll always learn more with a guide, but just ask around, the locals will be happy to offer advice on where to go.

Aquamor in Manzanillo is a responsible organization that rents snorkeling gear and kayaks and can take you out SCUBA diving. 2759 9012

Soccer ballSPORTS:

There is usually a soccer game on Sunday afternoons in Puerto Viejo and a soccer or baseball game on Saturdays and Sundays in Cocles and you can join in a mejengue or soccer practice a couple of afternoons a week. Talk to Tom at Bread and Chocolate Restaurant about basketball.


When the sea is high you can watch or participate in the surfing at Salsa Brava in front of Stanford’s disco or Beach Break in Cocles. Beginners often test the waters on black beach over by the barge. ATEC can hook you up with a responsible instructor=cool surfer dude.


These are non-profits that organize volunteer activities and charge fees.


ATEC ( can give some advice to people that are REALLY self motivated, we can try to hook you up with an organization or a family, but have no staff to offer any support at all. We ask people to choose in which category they have interest and then we can see if we know of something available. Spanish speakers only please.

picking up litterConservation:

  • Trail maintenance
  • Reforestation.
  • Town clean up

paint brushConstruction:

  • Painting
  • Building small structures.


  • Tutoring—individual or group English classes
  • Computer fix-it and tutoring

girlYouth Programs:

  • Sports classes
  • Art classes

plant in hand


  • Working on family farms

turtleWork with Animals:

  • Iguana reproduction center
  • Bird tagging
  • Turtle project
  • Sloth rescue

lady on phoneOffice Work:

All of the non-profits need some data processing, promotional material design, or website work done—gotta bring your own computer though.

people moving boxesVolunteer Organizing:

We need a volunteer to organize volunteers.

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