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Restaurante Tamara

Restaurante Tamara

Restaurante Tamara was established in 1981 by Edwin Patterson when he was only 17 years old.  While Edwin Patterson has grown into an active community leader, Restaurante Tamara has grown into one of the best Caribbean food restaurants in Costa Rica.
The menu offers a wide variety of all types of Caribbean food and specialties. Restaurante Tamara has a full bar and is open for lunch and dinner   In addition to the local favorites, Restaurante Tamara also has a wide selection of fresh juices and seafood entrees.
Before tourism was popular in Puerto Viejo, Restaurante Tamara was the place where young men and women would gather to talk about community affairs, sports, play dominos or just be together. 
Whenever you are in town, Edwin invites you to come and dine, listen to some reggae, and even chat with him about projects and the community.   Restaurant Tamara is the place to enjoy delicious Caribbean dishes and atmosphere at affordable prices.


Inside Restaurante Tamara

Restaurante Tamara as it is Today

A picture of Restaurante Tamara in 1981

Red Snapper (Bargo), with patacones, salad and casado

Seasoned beef with steamed vegetables and patacones.

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