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Soda Mirna

Soda Mirna

Soda Mirna has been a family owned business for twelve years. Yorleni took over management from her mother, Mirna, eight years ago. Yorleni has not always been queen of the kitchen, in fact, as a young girl she did not even like to cook. Over time and with a little encouragement, Yorleni watched her mother cook and eventually became the amazing chef that she is today. 

Soda Mirna is located next door to ATEC on the main street in downtown Puerto Viejo. Stop by sometime and Yorleni will be happy to serve you some authentic Caribbean food that is made with love. Her specialty is locally caught fresh fish in a Caribbean sauce with rice and beans cooked in coconut milk, but all of her dishes are equally as delicious.

Yorleni makes an effort to be sustainable by recycling and employing only local residents at her restaurant. She also uses as much locally produced ingredients as possible and purchases as much as she can from the farmers market. 


Interested in cooking great Caribbean food like Yorleni? You are in luck because Mirna, the original owner of Soda Mirna, gives cooking classes in her home. To learn more and make reservations check out:




Chicken in a Caribbean Sauce, served with rice, beans, salad, and caracolito (pasta salad).

Patacones (fried, smashed plantains)


The sign for Soda Mirna, located an the main street of Puerto Viejo, right next to ATEC.


Soda Mirna 





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