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Join the fun folks in Cahuita for their town fair this weekend!

Vamos a Cahuita para celebrar el Cantonato este fin de semana!


La Comisión Interinstitucional sobre Derechos Humanos divulgó un cronograma de trabajo y reuniones con miras a elaborar un Plan Nacional contra el Racismo y la Discriminación Racial.

Costa Rica is making a national plan against racism and racial discrimination. I post the schedeul below in Spanish as the meetings will be held in Spanish.

The new eco-tourism iniciative invites you to participate in an exhibition of their project on May 5

Author Quince Duncan to moderate a UNESCO conference to discuss the origins of the Afro-Caribbean community in Costa Rica, African civilizations, and their disapora.

May 7 at 6PM at the Black Starline in Limon.

If you are interested in volunteering on Sunday, April 22nd for our Earth Day Reforestation Project with the folks from the ARA Project, Green Macaw Reintroduction Project Please contact
Through generous donations, ATEC has raised the funds to purchase all of the school supplies for 54 of the 62 students at the Suri School in Alta Talamanca! Just $703 more and we can adopt all 62 kids!
This year's school supply drive gets of the ground. Help a local child go to school.
Join your friends in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on December 21st at the football for a festival to celebrate Unity, Security, and Cultural Community Diversity! AND participate in the world's largest Rondon!
Some hints from the ARA project on how to project the Great Green Macaw locally!
Horseback riding, the Gandoca Lagoon, a new BriBri in upper Talamanca, a fising competition to project the Caribbean, and Carnival!

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