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Tino"Puerto Viejo Fun Tours" promotes responsible, fun community tourism. This (and every) Saturday visitors have the chance to check out the Manzanillo-Gandoca Wildlife Refuge with the charismatic Manzanillo Guides.
CasaCulturaPuertoViejoCATCCAS, La Associación Camara de Turismo y Comercio del Caribe Sur or the Tourism and Comercial Board of the South Caribbean, is meeting on Monday the 28th of January in the Casa Cultura in Puerto Viejo.
Attend the Manzanillo Development Association's meeting Thursday, January 18th, at 5:00 P.M. at the MINAE building in Manzanillo, a campaign  to promote responsible driving and other community issues drivers will be addressed.

A group of young men from Puerto Viejo have started up a “futbol” or soccer team ready to compete the 2008 soccer season in Talamanca. They need community support.


Pass by MiraFlores Lodge in Playa Chiquita anytime to get yourself a tree or three that will help support reforestation of corridors necessary for the success of monkeys and other tree-dwelling critters.


On Saturday, January 26 the COVIRENAS are sponsoring a big event to bring about awareness of the Puerto Viejo marina project.


Surfers on Beach  Break were thrilled to have some smooth waves for the first surf tournament of the year.


ADELA (Action against Petroleum Exploitation), the Coop for bio-fuels, and ATEC (Talamancan Association of Ecotourism and Conservation) have produced a super, informative, and pretty calendar for 2008. Click for more and more community news...


Did you know that Talamanca has a Bio-Fuel Cooperative? Get involved!


It’s December and ATEC’s inviting you to be generous to your neighbors again.

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