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The Network for Conservacion of Marine Turtles is holding a workshop at the Pizote Lodge on May 11 starting at 9AM.
Les invito a nombre de WIDECAST (Red de Conservación de Tortugas Marinas del Gran Caribe) a un taller sobre la conservación del Tortugas Marinas, el 11 de Mayo en El Pizote Lodge en Puerto Viejo.

Are you a hiker? Are you a philanthropist? We have an adventure for you! ATEC is sponsoring a hike across Costa Rica to raise funds for the Casa de Esperanza a program to give a "head start" to kids heading to school from the mountains of Coroma.

Jardin Escondido, in Puerto Viejo, is sponsoring a class entitled "Ciclo de la Mujer." "Family Planning."

While not nearly as frugal as Jack Kerouac, your normal news writers, Alaine and Noble, take to the bus to traverse from Costa Rica to Texas--see map and comments at puertoviejo2bigbend.


The folks from Arte Viva; EDACS, the School of the Arts of Puerto Viejo--invites you to participate in their annual meeting on March 2 at 3:30 in the Casa Cultura to get started in the planning for Arte Viva 08.

handbag of recycledplastic

A group of 19 women from Gandoca are using recycled plastic bags rescued from the grocery stores to make magnificent handbags that will last forever!


Did you know that Talamanca had a Bio-Fuel Cooperative? It’s pretty exciting.

Dancing_the _SorbonOn the Shores of the Telire River, come join in the 8th annual Indigenous Cultural Fair in Suretka, upper Talamanca.
Don Guillermo and Presidente Roli DiscussingI write this article today as an opinion piece because it was an emotional meeting, it was impossible to hear all that was said, and everyone I spoke to about the meeting afterward had a different view about what really happened.

The Municipal government of Talamanca public audience about the proposed marina in Puerto Viejo.

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