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      Date: Dec 27, 2007
     Title: Talamanca’s Clean Energy Bio Fuel Cooperative Meets

Did you know that Talamanca has a Bio-Fuel Cooperative? Get involved!

Leftovers from Banana Plantations make FuelThe Bio-Fuel Cooperative had a meeting in the small town of Margarita last week.

Did you know that Talamanca had a Bio-Fuel Cooperative? It’s pretty exciting. ADELA members (the group that has been working together since the 90’s to protect our Caribbean coast from oil exploitation) got together with small farmers and business owners, NGO’s, and the municipality to begin this pilot project for Talamanca to produce alternative energy and fuel from local biomass waste. The newly formed local coop, CoopeTalamancaSos (Cooperative for a Sustainable Talamanca) states their main objective in their by-laws as follows:

"foment a model of sustainable development in Talamanca by promoting diverse projects and economic activities to produce and distribute energy and fuel from renewable sources"

The coop has identified a few projects, among them, a project to develop and produce KleanAirFuel (KAF), researched and developed over 20 years in Costa Rica by engineer Mario Araya, of Proambiente, S.A., which seeks to commercially produce a new biofuel, KAF, as a non-polluting alternative for gas and diesel vehicles. We have agreed to jointly develop the first pilot project in Talamanca that would offer many social and environmental benefits.


Right now CoopeTalamancaSos is working on purchasing an area of land in the beginning of 2008 and hopes to begin creating the first production plant of this innovative clean fuel in Talamanca. Once the first phase of the pilot plant is perfected, we hope to also seek benefits from the Clean Development Mechanisms offered by the Kyoto Protocol in the financing of a larger commercially viable production plant.

Get in on the ground level of this exciting project! Write to the cooperative and ask for the affiliation form!

Participate in or support CoopeTalamancaSos!

Check out the web page

Go to and click on “Coop”

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Or contact the coop manager,

Enrique Joseph in Cahuita at

(506)755-0017 or 387-6979.



For more information on KleanAirFuel (KAF) please contact:

Mario Araya: {mailto address="" encode="hex}

Tel: (506)293-6026 Cel: (506)873-1003