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      Date: Dec  9, 2012
     Title: Eleven Students Adopted So Far in the Gift of Education
So far ATEC has received donations to provide school supplies for 11 of the 47students in the Meleruk Schools in Alta-Talamanca! There's still time to Give the Gift of Education!



Give the gift of education this holiday season!

Each year, hundreds of kids in Talamanca can't start the first day of school because they are unable to purchase even the most basic school supplies. We have learned that if a child isn't properly equipped from the start, chances he or she will succeed are slim. Education makes all the difference, these kids need your help.

Supplies are collected now for distribution at school's start in February. You can make a cash gift in your or in someone else's name, or donate supplies or gifts. Your gift goes straight to the supply drive, and in return, you get a lovely certificate or a gift card honoring your generosity.

Levels of donating:
You can donate the needed materials or any amount you'd like;
US$1+ buys some pens or a notebook,
$75 buys all of the school supplies for one kid for one year!

We have committed to adopting all 47 grade school aged children in the community of Meleruk in the BriBri Indigenous Territory in Alta-Talamanca. If we raise enough to purchase all of the school supplies, and then exceed that goal, we'll buy the uniforms, and hopefully even everybody's shoes!

As of December 9th, we received donations to get all of the school supplies for

11 students!

With any donated amount (actual materials or cash) we will present you with a certificate of adoption to commemorate your donation. Or make your donation in someone else's name; it makes a great gift for that person on your list who has everything!

100% of each gift is used to purchase school supplies (donations on paypal we have to deduct their fee.)
Thanks to all who have helped educate Talamanca's students over the years!

2006: Three boatloads of Holiday gifts and school supplies to Coroma
2007: 50 students: Manzanillo & Patino.
2008: 39 students: San Jose Cabecar
2009: 110 Students: Katsi, el Parque, the High School & Grade school in Coroma
2010 50 students: Boca Cuen & Valle de Estrella
2011: 140 students: Carbon 1, Patiño, & KekoLdi
2012: 62 students: the Suri School
2013 GOAL: All 47 in Meleruk (if we exceed our goal we'll get uniforms too!)

PayPal donations through
Click below to specify the amount you would like to donate to the school supply drive for the kids in Meleruk!
100% of your donation (minus paypal fees) goes to purchase school supplies for students in Talamanca who may otherwise not be able to attend school.


Thanks to the donators so far this year, for the 2013 school year:
Stashu's ConFussion Restaurant
The Hidden Garden
Kaya's Place Hotel
Pierre and Patricia
The Hedges Foundation
The Shafer Family
The Berg Family
The Galvin Family
The Kilby Family
We've adopted 10.99 students!
Just 36 students to go!