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      Date: Nov 10, 2012
     Title: 8th Annual "Give the Gift of Education" School Supply Drive
Join ATEC with the 8th annual School Supply Drive! This year with your help, our goal is to purchase all of the school supplies for all year for all subjects for all 47 students in the Meleruk I and II schools.



Each year for the past seven years the wonderful neighbors and friends of Puerto Viejo have contributed to raise the funds to donate the school supplies so that more than 450 grade school kids throughout Talamanca could go to school school! Join in our 8th Annual School Supply Drive!

This year's school is Meleruk I and Meleruk II in Alta-Talamanca

There will be 22 students in the Meleruk II school and 25 in Meleruk I in the 2013 school year. We went up to visit these schools in the BriBri Indienous Territiory. Where are they? Meleruk is about a 40 minute bus ride from the town of BriBri (which is about 30 mins from Puerto Viejo), past Rancho Grande and Volio to la Pera, just past la Pera is the Merleruk I Grade School then it's a 45 minute walk into Meleruk II.

A $75 donation adopts one whole kid (so to speak). But even a dollar or three donation is a big help!
We are confident that we'll be able to raise the funds for all 47 students. We have the uniform and shoe sizes for ALL 47 kids if we excede our goal.

Each donation will come with a letter of thanks or a gift card if you'd like to present your donation to a friend as their holiday present! (and a receipt!)

Full transparent accounting will be presented to donors along the way!

PayPal donations!

Click below to specify the amount you would like to donate to the school supply drive for the kids in Meleruk!
100% of your donation (minus paypal fees) goes to purchase school supplies for students in Talamanca who may otherwise not be able to attend school.

or you can drop by a donation at our office on the main street in Puerto Viejo.

Write us at

Thanks to the donators so far this year, for the 2013 school year:
Stashu's ConFussion Restaurant
The Hidden Garden
Kaya's Place Hotel
We've adopted 4.1 students!
Just 42.9 students to go!


Thanks to all who have helped over the years!

2006:   Three boatloads of Holiday gifts and school supplies to Coroma

2007:   50 students: Manzanillo & Patino

2008:   39 students: San Jose Cabecar

2009:   110 Students: Katsi, el Parque, the High School & Grade school in Coroma

2010:   50 students: Boca Cuen & Valle de Estrella

2011:   140 students: Carbon 1, Patiño, & KekoLdi

2012:   62 students: the Suri School (School Supplies AND Uniforms)