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      Date: Dec 22, 2011
     Title: Give the Gift of Education 2011-2012
This year's school supply drive gets of the ground. Help a local child go to school.

ATEC has a good start to its annual  school supply drive. This year, they have been working to help the Suri School in Upper Talamanca.
There are 100's of kids in Talamanca that need help to purchase their school supplies.
School starts in February, but we do the drive now so you can have the opportunity to purchase the gift of education for a local student and then present to the conscientious person you want to honor with that gift.

Levels of donating:
You can donate the actual materials that kids need or any amount you'd like;

US$1+ buys some pens or a notebook,
$54 buys all of the school supplies for one kid for one year!

Or you can adopt a 1.5 kids or whole bunch of kids!

With any donated amount (actual materials or cash) we will present you with a certificate of adoption to commemorate your donation. It makes a great gift for that person who has everything!

Last year through your generous donations (100% of which went to buying school supplies) we sponsored 140 kids!


60 students in Carbon #1 School

50-Students patiño school

30-students Kekoldi school.

Some years before:
20 students in El Parque in Baja Talamanca
20 in the small Indigenous school of Katsi in Alta Talamanca
40 in the high school of Coroma in Alta Talamanca
30 in the grade school of Coroma in Alta Talamanca

We're are able to help you make online (tax-deductible for USA people) donations available through paypal in conjunction with the non-profit 501c3 certified association called the Pura Vida Project!

Or come on into ATEC's office to Give the Gift of Educaiton!